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The new automatic assembly machine of Provik PVK AS-120 focuses on the assembly of various products.  

It is fully adjustable and controlled by Servo mechanisms, with whom achieved the required accuracies needed for the assembly of different parts of the product assembled.

The operations conducted in the AS-120 PVK assembly machine may differ from component to component. The AS-120 PVK assembly machine can perform various tasks such as:

  • Clasp accessories Compression
  • Screw the parts with screws
  • Soldering accessories with Ultrasonic.
  • Drilling and processing of components before their assembly.

Products that the AS-120 PVK can assemble are:

• Plastic parts of various types.

• Aluminum components of different types.

The number of different components that can manage the assembly machine AS-120 PVK can vary depending on the final product.

The speed can pack the AS-120 PVK assembly machine reaches 60 cycles / minute.

The PVK AS-120 assembly machine is equipped with:

  • Vortex bins to feed the different components of the product.
  • Conveyor band for the supply of the different components of the product which cannot manage the vibrating bins.
  • Rotary similar diameter disk, which is specially designed and made nests for product assembly.
  • The analogue station assembly of the various components of the product.
  • Export Mechanism of finished products from the assembly tray.
  • All necessary controls and control for the correct assembly of the products.
  • Mechanical indications for the camera settings.

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