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The new 3 in 1 robotic machine of Provik PVK CCP-R combines the case erector of the carton, the case packing and finally the case sealing of the carton with adhesive tape.

Provik’s machine has a servomotorized mechanism that assists in the rapid and correct modulation of the carton. The capacity of the cartons ranges from 75-80.

To PVK CCP-R is the ideal solution for the complete automation of a production line. The machine can be used for packaging large range of various size products.

The new 3 in 1 Provik’s robotic machine PVK CCP-R is equipped with:

  • Epson Robotic arm Scara type. The dimension of the robotic arm differs depending on the product that going to be boxed.
  • Products input tape.
  • Pneumatic head for the modulation of boxes. The head differs depending on the product. On the head is adapted control system for proper receipt of products.
  • Touch screen handling in which can be stored different programs.
  • System grouping and weighting of products.
  • Boxing products in layers.
  • Input and output carton’s tape.
  • Easy to load cartons. It has space for 75-80 cartons.
  • The opening of the carton is by means of a motorized mechanism to achieve more precise movements and higher speeds.
  • Using a special handling system Scara-type robot is able to pick up the product and place it into the already formed carton.
  • The sealing of the carton takes place with adhesive tape at the end of the machine. Tapes of varying length can be used.

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