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Our company presents the automatic adjustable cartoner PVK CFA-30. With a speed of up to 30 cycles/min, it can successfully meet the moderns needs of seconaday packaging of the Greek / European industry.

The automatic adjustable cartoner PVK CFA-30 can be used for product packaging.

  • Products produced by vertical flow pack packaging machines.
  • Products produced by horizontal flow pack packaging machines.
  • Products packed in trays.
  • Products produced by x-fold machines.

The PVK CFA-30 can handle cartons of the following dimensions:

                                  Length (mm)                    Width (mm)                    Height (mm)        
Min                 100                   50                       30      
Max                 300                   200                  60*




In case you are using cartons with >60mm height, please contact us.

The automatic cartoning machine PVK CFA-30 is equipped with:

  • Input products tape.
  • Creep boxes forming film.
  • Stacker non modulated capacity boxes 350-400 boxes.
  • Mechanism of receipt of the boxes from the Stacker.
  • Pneumatic head for the formation of boxes. The head varies depending on the product. On the head is adapted control system for proper receipt of the goods.
  • mechanism for introducing the products in boxes formed.
  • Sealing the side flaps with Hot Melt glue.
  • Mechanical indications for the camera settings.

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