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Panagiotis Bagos & Co. (PROVIK) is a manufacturing company of integrated production lines and industrial packaging machinery.
   The company has a potential of 16 specialized technicians who frame its departments.

  • Design & Design Department: It consists of a team of engineers - engineers who study and design the machines.
  • Assembling Department: It consists of specialized engineers who undertake the mechanical assembly of the machines.
  • Electrical department: This department consists of electricians - electronics who undertake the electrical installation of machinery.
  • Programming department: Automation programmers are responsible for the electrical installation of the machines as well as for the planning of their operation.   

In the Portfolio of Panagiotis Bagkos & Co. (PROVIK) are the following machines - systems:

  1. Robotic case packers machines.
  2. Automatic case erector.
  3. Automatic cartoners (Adjustable & non-adjustable).
  4. End of Line handling.
  5. Product palletization.
  6. Assembly machines for components.
  7. Weighing machines.   

Every project undertaken by Panagiotis Bagos & Co. (PROVIK) is completed in three main parts:
   The company has in its ranks, a very capable team of engineers - engineers, which is ready to respond responsibly and professionally, to carry out any difficult task. Before starting the design of each machine, carefully study the product it will manage, in order to identify its peculiarities and characteristics (length, width, height, weight and packaging material, etc.).
   The design of the parts and components of each machine is done with the help of state-of-the-art 3D Cad design programs (Solidworks, Mechanical Desctop). Prior to the construction of the components, a detailed inspection of the final design is performed, as well as an examination of the strength of the components to be used.
   A team of qualified engineers undertakes the construction and assembly of the parts and components designed. Once all the mechanical parts have been assembled, a team of electrical - electronics undertakes the electrical installation of the machine and its programming.
   Every machine manufactured by Panagiotis Bagkos & Co. (PROVIK), is thoroughly inspected at its premises, using the customer's product to certify its proper operation. The machine is then transported to the customer's premises, where the final adjustments of the machine are made.
   The company Panagiotis Bagos & Co. since March 2013, he has been the exclusive representative of Epson's robotic arms in Greece.

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